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30+ homer seasons since 2000

by Bill Chuck on August 16, 2012

Miguel Cabrera reached 30 homers for the eighth time and for the sixth consecutive year.

Since 2000, here are the batters who have had 30+ seasons most frequently since 2000:

Rk Yrs From To
1 Albert Pujols 11 2001 2011 Ind. Seasons
2 Alex Rodriguez 11 2000 2010 Ind. Seasons
3 Mark Teixeira 8 2004 2011 Ind. Seasons
4 Adam Dunn 8 2004 2012 Ind. Seasons
5 Miguel Cabrera 8 2004 2012 Ind. Seasons
6 Jim Thome 8 2000 2008 Ind. Seasons
7 Manny Ramirez 8 2000 2008 Ind. Seasons
8 Carlos Delgado 8 2000 2008 Ind. Seasons
9 Paul Konerko 7 2001 2011 Ind. Seasons
10 Jason Giambi 7 2000 2008 Ind. Seasons
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Generated 8/16/2012.

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