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  • 2012 Leaders: Bases Empty/Runners on Homers

    by Bill Chuck on November 27, 2012

    We all know that these batters hit the most homers in 2012

    But let’s have some fun looking at different categories of home run leaders in 2012.

    Bases Empty home run leaders:

    Curtis Granderson 29
    Miguel Cabrera 27
    Giancarlo Stanton 26
    Josh Hamilton 24
    Ryan Braun 24
    B.J. Upton 22
    Josh Reddick 21
    Adam Dunn 21
    Jay Bruce 21
    Mike Trout 21

    Two-run homer leaders

    Edwin Encarnacion 18
    Josh Hamilton 16
    Adam LaRoche 15
    Adam Dunn 14
    Adrian Beltre 14
    Robinson Cano 14
    Alfonso Soriano 13
    Matt Kemp 13
    Miguel Cabrera 13
    Garrett Jones 13

    Three-run homer leaders

    Ike Davis 8
    Pedro Alvarez 7
    Cody Ross 6
    Jay Bruce 6
    Mark Trumbo 5
    Adrian Gonzalez 5
    Josh Willingham 5
    Mark Reynolds 5
    Freddie Freeman 5
    Adam Dunn 5

    Grand Slam leaders

    Nick Swisher 3
    Giancarlo Stanton 2
    Ryan Howard 2
    Curtis Granderson 2
    Robinson Cano 2
    Todd Helton 2
    Michael Cuddyer 2
    Brandon Inge 2
    Nelson Cruz 2
    Mike Morse 2
    Brian McCann 2
    Matthew Joyce 2
    Chris Johnson 2
    Kevin Youkilis 2
    Chase Headley 2
    Jonathan Lucroy 2

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