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Nine to Know: Remembering Marvin Miller

by Bill Chuck on November 28, 2012

I touched on the passing of Marvin Miller in this space yesterday and spent an hour talking about him on the air with the great Bob Lobel yesterday. Rather than me sharing more of my thoughts, I decided to bring you links to some remembrances of this influential baseball leader.

Having said that, I do have one more comment: The snub of Miller from the Hall of Fame was made even worse by the inclusion of former Commissioner Bowie Kuhn, who did almost as much to harm the game as Miller brought positives during their labor battles.

I remain hopeful that Miller in 2013 will be invited to become a member of the Hall of Fame and that the family (which includes his relatives and union brethren) turns it down. This is not so much a snub of the Hall, but to those owners and owner sycophants who prevented Miller from the honor in his lifetime.

Here’s your Nine to Know of articles to read about Marvin Miller

  1. Now Can He Get In? by Murray Chass
  2. Marvin Miller, The Man Who Reinvented Baseball by Keith Olbermann
  3. Marvin Miller, Union Leader Who Changed Baseball, Dies at 95  by Richard Goldstein, New York Times
  4. When Marvin Miller Almost Hired Richard Nixon by Matt Welch, Reason.com
  5. True Believer by Joe Posnanski, SportsonEarth.com
  6. Marvin Miller’s impact undeniable by Jayson Stark, ESPN.com
  7. Jim Bunning Remembers Marvin Miller, Baseball’s ‘Moses’ by Nate Rawlings, TIME magazine
  8. Marvin Miller, 1917-2012: Cooperstown’s Most Glaring Omission by Dahlia Lithwick in the New Republic from the book Jewish Jocks
  9. Marvin Miller deserved to be in Hall long ago by Nick Cafardo, Boston Globe

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