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Nine to Know: 2012 OBP

by Bill Chuck on December 11, 2012

It really doesn’t matter whether you are a traditional stats guy or you look at modern metrics, you understand the importance of On Base Percentage (OBP).

  1. The average 2012 American League OBP was .320.
  2. The average 2012 National League OBP was .318.
  3. The average 2012 Major League OBP was .319.
  4. The Cardinals had the best OBP in the majors in 2012 at .338.
  5. The Mariners had the majors only OBP in the majors under .300 at .296.
  6.  The Rangers had the best OBP in the majors in the first half of the season at .343.
  7. The Angels had the best OBP in the majors in the second half of the season at .340.
  8. The Rockies had the best home OBP in the majors at .367.
  9. The Angels had the best road OBP in the majors at .337.

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