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  • If you build it, Wade Boggs will come

    by Bill Chuck on January 3, 2013

    After two years on the market, the Field of Dreams movie site in Dyersville, Iowa has been sold for $3.4 million to Go the Distance Baseball LLC, a group led by by CEO Denise Stillman and includes Hall of Famer Wade Boggs. The group plans on turning the property into a 24-field baseball and softball complex, that will include an indoor training facility and 60-team clubhouse, called All-Star Ballpark Heaven. Phase 1 of the project, including 12 fields, is set to open in 2014.

    According to the Dyersville Commercial, “to garner additional interest, Go the Distance Baseball will appear at the American Baseball Coaches Association convention in Chicago, Jan. 3-5. Stillman said it will help them sell their product now that they are officially owners.

    “It certainly helps strengthen that message and it’ll become more apparent to the baseball community now that the sale is complete,” she said.

    While she will be working with coaches this weekend, Stillman is hoping to build a positive relationship with neighboring property owners, some of whom have continually voiced their displeasure with the project, which culminated in them taking the Dyersville City Council to court following its zoning decision in conjunction with the project, a petition which a district court judge twice denied. The Stillmans later filed a lawsuit against that group — the Residential and Agricultural Advisory Committee, LLC (RAAC).”

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