Carpenter is Probably Done

by Bill Chuck on February 6, 2013

The biggest story of the day, for those interested in brains over brawn, is that Chris Carpenter‘s 2013 is finished and so might be his career.

Cardinals General manager John Mozeliak,  was called by Carpenter last Friday and told him, “I can’t throw. Every time I try, it just gets worse. The numbness and the ‘zingers’ are getting more frequent.” Mozeliak indicated during a press conference that he didn’t expect Carpenter to be pitching for the Cardinals this season, or pitching any more at all, actually.

The 37-year-old Carpenter is on the last year of a two-year, $21 million contract extension and made three regular season starts and three postseason starts after what seemed like a remarkable comeback from surgery to ease thoracic outlet syndrome, a nerve ailment.

Carpenter started his career with the Blue Jays and had a 49-50 record with them before joining the Cardinals in 2004. Carp has 95-44 regular-season record with the Cardinals and 10-4 in the postseason.

“He just felt like, at this point, he no longer could continue to try to throw,” said Mozeliak.“The phone call went like, ‘I can’t throw. Every time I try, it just gets worse. The numbness and the ‘zingers’ are getting more frequent.’

“Then,” said Mozeliak, “the hand is discolored and he knows that’s not normal. Given what he’s been through from a medical standpoint, he just felt this injury is not going away.” He added,  “There’s no doubt when you lose a Chris Carpenter, you feel it. But. . . he wasn’t pitching for us last year. It doesn’t change much as how you look at 2013. You just know that (Carpenter) no longer is an option.”

Cardinals manager Mike Matheny gave us the bottom line when he said, “It was kind of a kick in the gut.”

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