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  • Pirates come to their senses

    by Bill Chuck on February 25, 2013

    Pittsburgh’s catcher Russell Martin won’t play shortstop for Canada in the World Baseball Classic.

    Martin said: “It’s a pretty simple reason, the Pittsburgh Pirate organization wasn’t comfortable (with) me going to play shortstop over there. I don’t think the Team Canada organization was too comfortable with me going to play shortstop.”

    Martin, who is from East York, Ontario, said he would rather not add to his workload by catching during the WBC. “I didn’t want to put my body in a position where I’m going to have to catch however many innings of baseball during the tournament,” Martin said. “I didn’t want to put my body through the taxing experience.”

    “It wasn’t that hard of a decision,” Martin said. “There’s the feeling of I might be letting my teammates down, my Canadian teammates, but that’s something that I’m sure I’ll get over.”

    In other words, “Good day, eh?”

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