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Yankee Prez Levine Compares his Dog to Jeter

by Bill Chuck on February 11, 2013

I say he’s full of Shih-Tzu.

The Westminster Kennel Club dog show starts today, with Mitch, a 5-year-old yellow Labrador retriever co-owned by New York Yankees President Randy Levine, ready for his rookie appearance at Madison Square Garden.

“He’s like Derek Jeter. Very calm,” Levine said.

Lou Gehrig brought his German shepherd to to the Westminster Show. Jacob Ruppert, a Yankee team owner, showed St. Bernards and former pitcher Mike Mussina sent his Irish setter.

The 137th Westminster features 2,721 entries in 187 breeds and varieties and includes a pair of newcomers, the treeing Walker coonhound and the Russell terrier.

The herding, toy, nonsporting and hound group winners will be chosen tonight on CNBC. The working, sporting and terrier champs come Tuesday night on the USA Network.

No reports have come in yet as to whether any dogs have frequented the Biogenesis Clinic.

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