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VIDEO: David Dewitt Bailey’s Second No-Hitter

by Bill Chuck on July 3, 2013

“Every dog has his day…twice.” Those were Homer Bailey‘s words after he tossed the second no-hitter of his 128 start career.

Last night, Homer Bailey became the sixth pitcher to throw two no-hitters before anyone else tossed even one.

Bailey threw the first no-no of the season, his second career no-hitter, to beat the San Francisco Giants 3-0 at Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park. Bailey’s other no-hitter came on September 28, 2012 at Pittsburgh.

Bailey walked one, struck out nine and threw 109 pitches, 74 for strikes. The Giants Gregor Blanco led off the 7th and walked on six pitches, the only baserunner against Bailey.

28 up, 27 down – Play-by-play of Homer vs. the Giants

1st inning
Gregor Blanco — strikeout swinging
Marco Scutaro — fly out to center fielder Shin-Soo Choo
Buster Posey — fly out to center Choo
15 pitches, 10 strikes

2nd inning
Pablo Sandoval — pop up to second baseman Brandon Phillips
Hunter Pence — strikeout swinging
Brandon Belt — strikeout swinging
11 pitches (26 total), 8 strikes

3rd inning
Andres Torres — fly out to right fielder Jay Bruce
Brandon Crawford — ground out, second baseman Phillips to first baseman Joey Votto
Tim Lincecum — strikeout swinging
10 pitches (36 total), 6 strikes

4th inning
Blanco — fly out to left fielder Xavier Paul
Scutaro — line out to right fielder Bruce
Posey — ground out, third baseman Todd Frazier to first baseman Votto
12 pitches (48 total), 7 strikes

5th inning
Sandoval — ground out shortstop Zack Cozart to first baseman Votto
Pence — ground out third baseman Frazier to first baseman Votto
Belt — pop up to first baseman Votto
6 pitches (54 total), 5 strikes

6th inning
Torres — strike out looking
Crawford — strike out swinging
Lincecum — strike out looking
15 pitches (69 total)

7th inning
Blanco — walk
Scutaro — ground out third baseman Frazier to first baseman Votto, Blanco advances to second
Posey — fielder’s choice, first baseman Votto to third baseman Frazier
Sandoval — strikeout swinging
20 pitches (89 total), 12 strikes

The fielder’s choice that was almost a hit

8th inning
Pence — pops up to shortstop Cozart
Belt — flies out to right fielder Bruce
Torres — lines out to center fielder Choo
7 pitches (96 total), 5 strikes

9th inning
Crawford — ground out, pitcher Homer Bailey to first baseman Votto
Tony Abreu — strikeout swinging
Blanco — ground out third baseman Frazier to first baseman Votto

Deciding pitch of each at bat

Reds’ Hall of Famer Marty Brennaman’s call of the final out of Homer Bailey’s no-hitter

It was the 16th no-hitter in Reds’ history.

Charles “Bumpus” Jones threw the first no-hitter in Reds history in his professional debut on Oct. 15, 1892, against the Pirates. He gave up one run on four walks, it was unearned. That was the only game Jones pitched in the 1892 season, as he started just seven games in his brief two-year career.

Ted Breitenstein shut the Pirates down again on April 22, 1898. It was the second no-no of Breitensein’s career, with the first coming with the Cardinals. He also joined the Orioles’ Jay Hughes as the first major league pitchers to throw no-hitters on the same day.

Noodles Hahn became the third Reds pitcher to throw a no-hitter when he faced the Phillies on July 12, 1900.

Rk Player Date Opp Rslt App,Dec IP R ER BB SO
1 Fred Toney 1917-05-02 CHC W 1-0 10.0 0 0 2 3
2 Hod Eller 1919-05-11 STL W 6-0 9.0 0 0 3 8
3 Johnny Vander Meer 1938-06-11 BSN W 3-0 9.0 0 0 3 4
4 Johnny Vander Meer 1938-06-15 BRO W 6-0 9.0 0 0 8 7
5 Clyde Shoun 1944-05-15 BSN W 1-0 9.0 0 0 1 1
6 Ewell Blackwell 1947-06-18 BSN W 6-0 SHO9 ,W 9.0 0 0 4 3
7 Jim Maloney 1965-08-19 (1) CHC W 1-0 SHO10 ,W 10.0 0 0 10 12
8 George Culver 1968-07-29 (2) PHI W 6-1 CG 9 ,W 9.0 1 0 5 4
9 Jim Maloney 1969-04-30 HOU W 10-0 SHO9 ,W 9.0 0 0 5 13
10 Tom Seaver 1978-06-16 STL W 4-0 SHO9 ,W 9.0 0 0 3 3
11 Tom Browning 1988-09-16 LAD W 1-0 SHO9 ,W 9.0 0 0 0 7
12 Homer Bailey 2012-09-28 PIT W 1-0 SHO9 ,W 9.0 0 0 1 10
13 Homer Bailey 2013-07-02 SFG W 3-0 SHO9 ,W 9.0 0 0 1 9
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Play Index Tool Used
Generated 7/3/2013.

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