My week on 12-14 to 12-20

by Bill Chuck on December 20, 2013

rudolphAs you folks know by now, I’m wintering on writing just about every day, M-F.

Here are some highlights from this past week:

The shortest day of the year and baseball’s short players

Thinking about Wee Willie Keeler, Freddie Patek, Dustin Pedroia, Eddie Gaedel, and less than kinds words for Randy Newman.

The top five homer hitters, every five years, 1994-2013

Let’s all appreciate a better brand of baseball and Jim Thome.

No long-term magazine subscriptions for relievers

If you work out the bullpen, it appears you don’t stay anyplace for any length of time. Take LaTroy Hawkins , who since the last time he signed with Rockies in 2006, has signed free agent contracts with the Yankees, Astros, Brewers, Angels, Mets, and he’s back with Colorado.

Brian Roberts a Yankee

A chance for Roberts to be on the DL for New York.

Yes Virginia, there is a Red-Nosed Shortstop

Rudolph has his own page on the indispensable, whose founder, Sean Forman, will one day end up in the Hall of Fame.

It’s not too late to give the best gift: THE BILL JAMES HANDBOOK

As you are looking at the meh group of gifts you planning to give this holiday season, may I strongly recommend that you purchase the 25th anniversary edition of The Bill James Handbook.

Ryan Freel had CTE when he committed suicide

For those of you who question banning catcher collisions, I bring you the case of Ryan Freel.

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