Bases Loaded Hitting Efficiency – MLB 2015 Stats pack

by Bill Chuck on March 10, 2016

This is the time of the year where I start thinking about regular season games and situations. I will admit, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, who finds minimal interest in watching spring training games.

I mean it’s great to have baseball being played, hearing the sound of the bat, the roar of crowd, and wondering which uniform number will be the highest to appear in the game, but it’s hard to stay engaged when the results don’t matter in a game played by players I’ve never heard of.

I’m content with highlights from these games and one highlight that always appeals to me is a bases-loaded situation. It is such a great head-to-head test of pitcher vs batter with a wide variance of successful outcomes for those on each side.

I spent some time looking at some these situations from last season and as per usual, I’m here to share.

Nine to Know: Teams in bases-loaded situations in 2015

  1. The San Francisco Giants led the majors with nine grand slams last season while the Texas Rangers were the only team in the majors not to hit one. The Minnesota Twins led the majors allowing nine grand slams last season while the Atlanta Braves were the only team in the majors not to allow one.
  2. In 166 bases-loaded PA, the Oakland A’s scored 139 runs, the most in the majors. In 116 bases-loaded PA, the Mariners scored just 74 runs, the fewest in the majors.
  3. In 141 bases-loaded PA, the Detroit Tigers allowed 142 runs, the most in the majors. In 120 bases-loaded PA, the Royals allowed just 65 runs, the fewest in the majors.
  4. In 148 bases-loaded PA, the Indians drew 19 walks, the most in the majors. The Orioles, Royals, and Rockies each drew just four bases-loaded walks, the fewest in the majors.
  5. In 174 bases-loaded PA, the Marlins staff walked in 16 runs, the most in the majors; the Indians staff walked in just two in 104 bases-loaded PA, the fewest in the majors.
  6. In 149 bases-loaded PA, the Minnesota Twins banged into 14 double-plays, the most in the majors. In 176 bases-loaded PA, the Yankees hit into just three DPs, the fewest in the majors.
  7. In 60 bases-loaded PA, the Braves staff induced 17 double-plays, the most in the majors; the Cubs staff produced just two DPs in 125 bases-loaded PA, the fewest in the majors.
  8. In 166 bases-loaded PA, the Cubs whiffed 40 times, the most in the majors, while the Royals struck out just 12 times.
  9. In 164 bases-loaded PA, the Reds pitchers struck out 40 batters, the most in the majors, while the Rays pitchers struck out just 13 batters in 121 PA.

Nine to Know: Individuals in bases-loaded situations in 2015

  1. Edwin Encarnacion led the majors with three grand slams; eight pitchers allowed two grand slams.
  2. Yasmany Tomas led the majors striking out nine times with the sacks filled; Darren O’Day led the majors with eight bases-filled strikeouts.
  3. Xander Bogaerts led the majors with 27 bases-filled PA and he hit .385 with 26 RBI. Carlos Rodon led all pitchers with 24 bases-load PA allowing batters to hit .364 against him.
  4. Bogaerts led the majors with 10 hits and four doubles. Rodon, Wandy Rodriguez, and Trevor Bauer each allowed eight hits while Wade Miley allowed three bases loaded doubles to lead the league.
  5. Bogaerts, Starlin Castro, Carlos Ruiz, and Torii Hunter all led the majors hitting into three inning-ending, bases loaded DPs last season. Shelby Miller and Sam Dyson each ended four innings by producing a double played with three on base.
  6. In 15 PA with the bases loaded and two outs, Xander Bogaerts picked up 19 RBI, the most in the majors; five players were next with just 10.
  7. Ryan Zimmerman hit eight bases filled sac flies which tied Victor Martinez‘s all time record, set in 2007, since 1913.
  8. Addison Russell and Gregory Polanco each ended five innings by whiffing with the bases filled. New teammates Aroldis Chapman and Dellin Betances each ended six innings in 2015 with a strikeout and leaving the bases loaded, the most in the majors.
  9. On June 5 last season, Alex Wilson hit Avisail Garcia with a pitch with the bases loaded, nobody out, in the bottom of the 11th giving the White Sox a 4-3 win over the Tigers. It was the only walkoff HBP of the season.

Bonus stats

  • Cubs batters struck out 24 times with the bases filled and two outs while Yankees and Red pitchers each struck out 21 batters to end an inning with the bases filled, all the most in the majors.
  • Royals batters struck out only four times to leave the bases filled, while Astros pitchers struck out only four batters to end the inning and leave the bases filled.
  • The Twins banged into 13 inning-ending DPs with the sacks full and the Yankees just two.
  • The Marlins staff produced 11 inning-ending DPs with the sacks full and the Tigers and Cubs pitchers just one each.

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