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B.Czar Productions, Inc.

There is more to Bill Chuck than just baseball…

Here are nine services offered by Bill Chuck:

1. Content provider for the web

2. Marketing consultant

3. Presentation coach

4. TV/Radio personality

5. Scriptwriter

6. Presentation and speech writer

7. Study skills tutor

8. MC and Event host

9. Higher education consultant

Communication Redefined

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw

The rules have changed. There is only one remaining invariable in communication: determine the message/stay on message. You know what you do, does anyone else? You know what needs to be said, does anyone get it? You read/watch/hear something and your response is “What are they thinking?” They say the same about you.

Content is repurposed/ reengineered/refocused for papers/reports/the web/speeches/books/scripts/e-mail/direct mail/webinars/trade shows/ ads/presentations/podcasts/videos/commercials/brochures.

How is it done?

Change is an e-constant. And it’s all changing in an e-moment. Are you? Does your audience understand what you’re trying to say?

Do you understand what we’re trying to say?

If you do, you probably need our services.

If you don’t, you definitely need our services.

Learn more how Bill Chuck can help you with communication needs at

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