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Here are some sites and sources I like. If you have some suggestions, email me at Bill@Billy-Ball.com:

  • Baseball-Reference.com – This is my favorite reference site and where I spend  a tremendous amount of time working.
  • Baseball-Almanac.com – This is another terrific reference site. Have you noticed the best baseball sites have a hyphen?
  • National Baseball Hall of Fame – Preserving history. Honoring excellence. Connecting generations.
  • MLB.com – Each season, the site gets better and better. Great info at your fingertips.
  • ESPN-Baseball – Great content, but even greater columnists, too many to list. Always innovative, always offering fresh perspective.
  • FoxSports Baseball – Once again great columnists, led by the terrific Ken Rosenthal.
  • CBSSports Baseball – Not enough people visit this user friendly site as far as I’m concerned. Scott Miller gives great baseball.
  • SI.com Baseball – You have to know that Sports Illustrated has great baseball coverage and great baseball writers. Read and learn from Posnanski, Verducci, and Heyman.
  • NY Times Baseball – This is the paper of record in my life. The fact that I’m a contributor to the Bats blog would have made my parents so proud.
  • Boston Globe Baseball – I will admit to being spoiled having the Times and the Globe on my doorstep each day. I would subscribe to these two newspapers solely to get their baseball coverage. The Globe houses my muse, Nick Cafardo, who each Sunday includes exclusive excerpts from the Bill Chuck Files in his Baseball Notes column.
  • Dugout Central – Baseball talk and analysis
  • TruFan.com – Predominantly Red Sox blogging and chatting, but a really good site for that. No you don’t need to drink “True Blood” to enjoy it, just the Red Sox Kool-Aid.
  • WSCO, Appleton WI and KGEO, Bakersfield, CA – two of the stations I regularly appear to talk baseball with Justin Hull and Corey Costello.
  • Holden Kushner is my guy on XM-MLB Radio, but you can listen to him daily talking Washington sports on 106.7, the Fan.
  • NESN – It’s a little kludgy to operate, but go to the video page, click the tiny search tool in the lower right hand corner of the screen, search for “Bill Chuck” and you’ll get to see some of the fun pieces I got to do last season for the Red Sox pre-game shows.